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Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby


Our mission is to develop students who recognise and aspire to academic, sporting and creative excellence, so as to enable them to achieve their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

The Sixth Form opened in September 2009, making the Academy an 11-18 centre for education. Our principle aim for the Sixth Form is to achieve continual academic success.

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time, or even in three years’ time? Choosing the right courses and the right place to study next year are probably the most important decisions you will make during the next few months. 

Being a pupil at Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby Sixth Form means having the very best support to help you turn your hopes into possibilities and to make those possibilities become reality. There will be a very strong sense of community in the Sixth Form where pupils and staff get to know each other very well. 

The Sixth Form at Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby will become the natural progression for many of our own Year 11 pupils who wish to continue their studies at advanced level in a familiar, caring environment where they feel known, valued and well supported. We also welcome applications from external pupils. 

We will have high expectations of you as a Sixth Form pupil at the academy. Pupils will benefit from close pastoral guidance, yet enjoying the independence and flexibility of life as a Sixth Former. We hope to develop your talents further as well as improving your leadership skills, confidence and enterprise ability. We will make offers only to those pupils who meet our high expectations in terms of attitude, academic achievements and involvement in community life. This means that you can be sure of working with others who share your own commitment to make the most of every opportunity and to achieve the very best examination results. 

Mr D Hughes
Head of Sixth Form

Exceed your expectations at Abraham Darby Sixth Form.

Open Events at Haberdashers’ Abraham Darby

Open Evening Thursday 9th November 2023

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Our Courses Post-16

Subject Level Qualification Course Title
Art 3 A-level Art A-levelA-level
Biology 3 A-level Biology A-levelA-level
Business 3 A-level Business A-levelA-level
Business 3 BTEC Business Studies BTECBTEC
Chemistry 3 A-level Chemistry A-levelA-level
Computer Science 3 A-level Computing Science A-levelA-level
Creative Media 3 BTEC Creative Digital Media BTECBTEC
Criminology 3 A-level Criminology WJECA-level
Design & Technology 3 A-level Design and Technology A-levelA-level
Drama & Theatre 3 A-level Drama and theatre A-levelA-level
English 3 A-level English Literature A-levelA-level
Food Science & Nutrition 3 A-level Food Science & Nutrition WJECA-level
French 3 A-level FrenchA-level
Geography 3 A-level Geography A-levelA-level
Health & Social Care (single option) 3 BTEC Health & Social Care BTECBTEC
History 3 A-level History A-levelA-level
Law 3 BTEC Applied Law BTECBTEC
Mathematics 3 A-level Mathematics A-levelA-level
Music 3 A-level Music A-levelA-level
Physics 3 A-level Physics A-levelA-level
Psychology 3 A-level Psychology A-levelA-level
Psychology 3 BTEC Psychology BTECBTEC
Religious Studies 3 A-level Religious studies A-levelA-level
Science 3 BTEC Applied Science BTECBTEC
Sociology 3 A-level Sociology A-levelA-level
Travel and Tourism 3 BTEC Travel and Tourism BTECBTEC