Over 300 A-levels, BTECs, apprenticeships and the new T Levels across six schools and colleges make Telford an inspirational hub for learning, opportunity and achievement. Where will your learning take you?

Madeley Academy


Madeley Academy is in the top 5% of Sixth Forms in England

Madeley Academy is a warm and welcoming Sixth Form that attracts students from right across Telford. We aim to provide a supportive environment where students can flourish and be happy. The fact that we have again been recognised as being in the top 5% of Sixth Forms nationally confirms our consistent commitment to academic excellence. We really care about our students and want the very best for each individual both academically and personally.  We have a strong focus on careers and ensure all student have the work experience,  enrichment and skills required for their chosen destination.   We have 100% destination success each year,  both for university and higher level and degree apprenticeships.   All applicants are invited in for a careers meeting.

Clare Snik
Assistant Headteacher

Open Events at Madeley Academy

Our Courses Post-16

Subject Level Qualification Course Title
Art 3 A-level ArtA-level
Biology 3 A-level BiologyA-level
Business 3 A-level BusinessA-level
Business 3 BTEC Business Extended CertificateBTEC
Business 3 BTEC Business DiplomaBTEC
Chemistry 3 A-level ChemistryA-level
Construction 3 BTEC ConstructionBTEC
Design & Technology 3 A-level Design & TechnologyA-level
English 3 A-level EnglishA-level
English 3 A-level English Language and LiteratureA-level
French 3 A-level FrenchA-level
Geography 3 A-level GeographyA-level
Health & Social Care 3 BTEC Health and Social Care Extended CertificateBTEC
Health & Social Care 3 BTEC Health & Social Care DiplomaBTEC
History 3 A-level HistoryA-level
Hospitality & Catering 3 BTEC Hospitality & CateringBTEC
ICT 3 A-level Computing/Comp SciA-level
ICT 3 BTEC ICT Extended CertificateBTEC
Mathematics 3 A-level Mathematics A-level
Music 3 A-level MusicA-level
Performing Arts 3 BTEC Performing Arts Extended CertificateBTEC
Performing Arts 3 BTEC Performing Arts DiplomaBTEC
Physics 3 A-level PhysicsA-level
Politics 3 A-level Politics A-level
Psychology 3 A-level PsychologyA-level
Science 3 BTEC Applied Science Extended CertficateBTEC
Science 3 BTEC Applied Science DiplomaBTEC
Sociology 3 A-level SociologyA-level
Spanish 3 A-level SpanishA-level
Sport 3 BTEC Sport Extended CertificateBTEC
Sport 3 BTEC Sport DiplomaBTEC